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Zeker International

Zeker International stands as a premier corporation, specializing in company formation services and real estate ventures across Bahrain, KSA, UAE and Europe. With a legacy of entrepreneurship, innovation, and unwavering customer satisfaction, we offer a diverse range of services including operational efficiency, banking assistance, marketing consulting, business setup, investor identification, web design, and digital marketing.

As an independent entity, we provide tailored solutions sourced from leading global advisory services, ensuring our clients receive the best-in-class support for their financial and business needs. Backed by a team of experts worldwide, we excel in promoting top-tier investment and real estate opportunities, while adhering to the highest standards of ethical and transparent operations. With a commitment to expansion and a vision of serving global citizens, Zeker International remains dedicated to delivering excellence across borders.

welcome to zeker

Zeker International

Zeker international is a global financial advisory firm. As qualified professionals, Zeker is a company you can trust and as an independent organization, free from ties to a particular product provider or banks, we can meet those needs with carefully selected solutions from the world’s foremost financial services and insurance companies including exclusive services for banking products and Residence and Citizenship through Investment Programs.
Our dedicated team of qualified and accomplished legal consultants, insurance and banking financial consultants, real estate developers, auditors, and immigration consultants provide the most suitable and effective based on our client’s unique requirements.
Zeker International is committed to the development of the financial sector in the region, and adhere to internationally recognized best practices for operating ethically and transparently.
Our goal is to rapidly expand to more cities and our vision to cater to the truly global citizens by transcending boundaries.

grenada national resort project

Grenada National Resort Project

Grenada National Resort Project, a Grenada’s national key development project, is currently the largest foreign investment project in Grenada. In August 2019, the Grenada National Resort Project was approved by the Grenada Government as a citizenship by investment project, allowing investors and families to obtain Grenada citizenship through equity investment in the project.


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