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E-2 Visa Holders
By investing the Grenada National Resort Project, you will be able to apply for E-2 visa of the United States: Grenada is the only country in the Caribbean region enjoying this privilege.
E-2 visa is a long-term, renewable nonimmigrant working visa. It is issued to nationals of a treaty country (a country with which the United States maintains a treaty of commerce and navigation) who establish or acquire enterprises in the United States.


Less Investment

No requirement on investment amount and investment projects of 150,000-200,000 US dollars are available. The investment amount is far lower than that of EB-5 visa programs.


Faster Application

Compared with the current waiting period of EB-5 programs for more than 10 years, E-2 visa has no quota limit and no waiting period, and only requires about 2 months to get approval.


Easy Employment Requirements

E-2 visa only requires creation of 2-3 jobs, including the applicant.


Easy Application Requirements

Investors do not need to have an overseas company, nor requirements on language, educational background or working experience.


Easy Application Procedure

Only a simple source of funds is needed and the application is submitted directly to the local U.S. consulate for processing without going through immigration.


Family Benefits

Accompanying spouses and children may legally work, study and reside in the United States.


Avoidance of US Taxes on World-wide Income

E-2 visa holders are not subject to US taxes on world-wide income.



Investor can re-apply for immigration visas as needed anytime.