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Senior Citizen Health Insurance Policy

Senior Citizens need to safeguard their retirement corpus for the rest of their lives. A sudden medical emergency can drain their wealth leaving them in deep financial crisis. instead of settling for a reduced coverage under family floater insurance, senior citizens can stay protected with a proper Senior Citizen Health Insurance Policy with a large cover.









What is Senior Citizen Health Insurance Policy?

We need to safeguard our retirement corpus for the rest of our lives. A sudden medical emergency can drain wealth and a good health insurance plan can be the solution to this risk.
Senior Citizen Health Insurance is a specialized policy for those in the age group 60 to 75 years. With this policy, you get hospitalization cover and day-care procedure cover for various kinds of illnesses and accidents.
Many insurance companies have senior citizen health insurance plans, and you can select the best one that meets your expectations.

Why is Senior Citizen Health Insurance Policy important?

  • Medical costs are rising, and old age brings a greater share of healthcare needs.
  • Senior health insurance plans provide yearly medical check-ups to keep track of your health.
  • You can get coverage for pre-existing diseases after a waiting period.
  • Ambulance charges are payable under the policy, which will reduce your burden.
  • Paying hospital bills eats into the retirement corpus at a life stage when there are no earnings to look forward to. A health insurance plan offers peace of mind about the expenses.
  • Aside from providing you cover for your medical expenses, the Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan gives you tax exemptions under section 80D of the Income-tax Act, 1961.

What is covered?

Some of the typical inclusions in Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plans are,

Hospitalization Expenses

In-hospital expenses, including doctor consultation charges, room charges, medicine costs, nursing fees, and operation expenses are reimbursed. Diagnostic charges like x-ray, blood test, urine test and other medical tests are also covered. Both pre and post-hospitalization charges are covered.

Daycare Treatments

Cost of procedures like radiation therapy, chemotherapy and dialysis that require less than 24 hours of hospitalization are also covered under Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plans.

Other Expenses

Cost of prosthetic devices like pacemaker and stents.

COVID-19 Treatment

Senior Citizen Health Insurance Policies also cover Coronavirus treatment.

Pre-existing Diseases

Pre-existing diseases are covered subject to the terms of the insurance policies, such as waiting period.

Home Treatment

On the doctor's advice, domiciliary hospitalisation expenses are covered.

Organ Donor Charges

Most Senior Health Insurance Plans cover organ donor expenses.

Ambulance Charges

Ambulance Charges related to hospitalization are covered to a specific limit.

Exclusions in the Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan

  • Pre-existing illness is not covered for an initial waiting period.
  • Treatment costs for self-inflicted wounds or related to suicide attempt will not be covered.
  • Hospitalization expenses due to alcohol or drug abuse.
  • No claims are admissible within 30 days of purchasing the policy.
  • Non-allopathic treatment has restricted cover, and cosmetic procedures not related to accident or part of treatment for illness is not covered.
  • Regular dental procedures are not covered unless necessitated by accident.
  • Treatment for sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS are not covered.