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Want to Set up a Company in Qatar?

Do you plan to set up a company in Qatar? The Zeker Internatioal is one of the most prominent consultancy firms who have tie-up with local consultancy who is specialized in business registration and company formation in Qatar.

Qatar, the host of FIFA World Cup 2022 is one of the rapidly growing economies in the world with its high per capita income and largest gas supply. Its new liberalized fiscal policies are based on a clear vision with its windows wide open to foreign investors. The state of Qatar has amended its policies permitting foreign investors to have 100% ownership in certain sectors including agriculture, industry, health, education, tourism, development and exploitation of natural resources etc.

A successful strategy for development, investment incentives, infrastructure, banking services, insurance policies, and political and social stability are the contributing factors in creating an excellent industrial climate for business setup in Qatar. These factors act as stimuli to setting up a company in Qatar. Here lies the right place and right opportunity to open a company in Qatar. It is considered as the best time for a business set-up in Qatar.

Qatar is the next big investment destination of the world due to its rapidly growing economy, which is being aided by liberal fiscal policies announced by the Qatar administration.

With an opportunity to achieve 100% ownership of the business in Qatar, this is the best time for foreign investors who are looking at starting a company in Qatar.

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Thinking of Setting up your Business in Qator?

Why trust the Zeker International?

At Zeker International, we offer the best consultancy services for company setup in Qatar and company incorporation in Qatar through our tie-ups. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise in foreign company registration in Qatar are sure to help many foreign investors who wish to set up a company in Qatar to profit from liberal business policies.

Setting up a company in Qatar has become more feasible than ever. The company formation cost in Qatar is far better than the other Middle Eastern countries. The Zeker International refers end-to-end services through our tie-ups in the legal as well as documentation aspects of company formation in Qatar.

You simply have to contact us with your business requirements. We will understand your business requirement and recommend the right strategies for company formation in Qatar with the least of hassles. We are well-informed with the newest fiscal policies and keep ourselves updated with any changes or improvements in the policies for foreign company registration in Qatar.

What can we do for you to Set up a company in Qatar?

Zeker International, a consultancy firm, who refer through our own tie-ups in Qatar that provides a comprehensive solution to all the requirements of its clients from company formation, setting up small or large business ventures to register . At AAI Group, we provide end-to-end foreign company registration & incorporation services in Qatar. We also provide services in connection with form companies. We are a company made upon the trust of our clients. The fulfillment of our clients is the inspiring force behind our acceleration. Each and every requirement of our clients in setting up business in Qatar and registering a company in Qatar are dealt with utmost personal care at AAI Group. We provide hassle-free services in setting up a business in Qatar, form company and register at a minimum cost. The sound knowledge of local markets and massive data acquired through experience have made us the most sought after business advisors in Qatar. The business experts at AAI will lead you to smart and efficient ways of setting up a business in Qatar. For Small business start ups or corporate ventures, we provide a complete and comprehensive solution associated with setting up a company, company registration and company formation etc. in Qatar within a specified time frame. AAI Group, being a professional legal advisor and consultant with well qualified and licensed in-house legal experts, provides legal advisory services, drafts and negotiates legal contracts, and assists in corporate decisions, ensuring compliance with corporate laws. Let it be a small or a large scale business, we provide all kinds of assistance to start a restaurant business in Qatar, to register a company in Qatar and to obtain the Commercial Registration in Qatar.

Zeker International tie-up team in Qatar are well-qualified and licensed legal experts along with legal advisors who provide in-depth legal advisory services that include the following:

  • Creating legal contracts
  • Legal drafts and negotiations
  • Compliance with corporate and company law

This ensures the smooth day-to-day functioning of your business. Be it a small, medium or large scale business, we offer all kinds of assistance to ensure that your plan to open and run your business effectively in Qatar comes through.

What kind of Qatari Sponsorship do you need?

Qatar, being a booming economy in the world, welcomes foreign investors in Qatar. The driving force behind every businessman is to cherish his dream to be a successful entrepreneur. Sound knowledge about the local business set-up and the latest economical laws of the country is a must to run a successful company anywhere. People looking for commercial registration in Qatar should be aware of the structural options or categories of business in Qatar: a sole establishment, a sole proprietorship company in qatar and a limited liability company (LLC Qatar). The Limited Liability Company in qatar is the most common option in which the entity must have one or more Qatari sponsorship whose share in the company capital must not be less than 51%, which we can easily help you with. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur wishing to start a business in Qatar, we assure our assistance in getting approvals from various government departments and municipality by following the specific requirements of the type of company you would like to launch in Qatar.

Legal Structures of the Company

The Ministry of Trade and Industries is the authority in Qatar to scrutinize each application on a case-by-case before registering any company. The types of companies that a business entrepreneur could consider forming in Qatar are the following:

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Qatar
  • Representative Trade Offices in Qatar
  • Limited Share Partnership Company in Qatar
  • Holding Company in Qatar
  • Public Shareholding Company in Qatar
  • Joint Venture in Qatar

Other Services which we also provide

  • Company formation and PRO Services in Qatar
  • foreign register
  • WLL company formation or a registration in qatar

Ministry of Business and Trade scrutinizes each application on a case-by-case before registering any company in Qatar. Although there is paperwork to be filed, approvals to be obtained and registration fees to be assessed during this process, the mode of registration offers the opportunity for foreign companies to operate separately.

Regardless of the sector you choose to invest in, the AAI Group has legal and administrative expertise. We can offer you the best advice and legal assistance in company incorporation and management. This will reduce your burden to half and allow you to focus solely on your business. This way, you would gain more profit and expand your business into newer avenues in Qatar while we will take care of the legal aspects of the growth and expansion of your business.

Qatar is, undoubtedly, the newest business destination. Why wait then? Spread your wings with the AAI Group and set up a company in Qatar.

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