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National Resort Project

About Grenada

A young and charming country, Grenada attracts more than 400,000 overseas tourists each year. It resides in the center of North America and South America, making it a gateway to the world. Grenada is a member of CARIFTA, the free trade organization in the Caribbean region, thus bestowing it with abundant business opportunities that come along with excellent business policies, such as import and export trade tax exemption, export trade allowances, Caribbean trade tax exemption, and etc. These preferential terms have made this beautiful island country, of Grenada an attractive place to set up headquarter companies, property management companies, and trust fund companies.

Grenada National Resort Project

Grenada National Resort Project, a Grenada’s national key development project, is currently the largest foreign investment project in Grenada. In August 2019, the Grenada National Resort Project was approved by the Grenada Government as a citizenship by investment project, allowing investors and families to obtain Grenada citizenship through equity investment in the project.
The Grenada National Resort is planned to cover an area of 463 acres, incorporating the Levera Beach, Levera Lake and Levera Mountain and take advantages of the geographical layout of the three major blocks to form three axes: the central axis landscape sight corridor (overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the Turtle Island), the sub-axis landscape belt (connecting the three major functional areas) and the Levera Lake sight corridor, which demonstrates both landscape and function.
Project Advantages: 
By investing the Grenada National Resort Project, you will be able to apply for E2 visa of the United States: Grenada is the only country in the Caribbean region enjoying this privilege.

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