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The specialized services of Zeker international designed to assist all our private clients in obtaining Residency and Citizenship in different parts of the world and become Global Citizens.

Our Residency programs are a perfect solution for both our local as well as international clients who are constantly on the move and are on the lookout for new avenues for business expansion and foreign investments

At Zeker, we have a team of experts who are available at all times to give their guidance and support to resolve all your queries. We are known for our transparent processes and our end-to-end services right from documentation to a successful conclusion.

Acquiring a permanent residency is a life-changing moment and we truly value this sentiment. We are there for all our clients throughout their journey as they venture towards a new destination with hope.

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Thinking of obtaining Residency on different parts of the world?

What is ZEKER Residency by investment Service?

Residency by investment is the process of obtaining a permanent residency status in the selected country by investing in the economy of that country.

  • Residency by investment is the process of obtaining a permanent residency status in the selected country by investing in the economy of that country.
  • You don’t have to be a citizen of this country to benefit from work, school and medicine.
  • From political security to business operations, investors are welcomed by lots of countries to attract funding.
  • It is not a secret that there are a variety of passports that have restricted world mobility being eligible to obtain extra visas.

How Will you Benefit from permanent Residency?

There are several reasons to consider Permanent Residency:

  • Open borders
  • Business expansion
  • Taxation value
  • Family commitment

Zeker team of experts has a comparison review on each investment migration program to secure clients’ needs and meet their expectations.

Why should you opt for second residency?

Increased Global Mobility

  • One of the key benefits of permanent residency is the opportunity to increase the visa-free country list to travel abroad.
  • Second residency offers our clients an opportunity to travel without the hassle of a visa. Investors and entrepreneurs who are constantly on the lookout for new business opportunities have an additional benefit of increased global mobility with a second citizenship.
  • Talking about the business sector, Permanent Residency could be granted by corporate expansion enabling businessmen to travel over the world with ease.

Financial Planning and Tax Management

  • Lots of countries offer residency by investment programs to attract foreign direct investment that would be utilized in further economic development projects, and many countries only impose taxes on income earned from the country and they exempt capital gains from taxes, this proves especially beneficial for our clients in their long-term financial planning and tax management.
  • Comparing worldwide tax rates, a variety of countries offer a secure and cost-efficient rate to save your income.
  • Depending on our client’s need, Zeker team evaluate the potential business benefits and obtain the best matching residency program.

New Business Opportunities

  • There is a plethora of new business opportunities in a new host country, as a participant in the citizenship program gets the chance to explore multiple avenues of business.
  • Global economy and open borders policy allow citizens to plan their lifestyle, business and its operation worldwide for convenience and growth. Through step-by-step process and with an established network of consultants and advisors, Zeker international has gained a leader’s reputation in the market.

Secure your Family

  • Secure a better future for your spouse and children. Most of the host countries offer free health-care facilities and services, free or subsidized education and a secure environment.
  • A majority of residency programs grant the residency to the family members of the applicant. From high-end education, medical, pension and a secured lifestyle, permanent residency programs tend to attract the investors.
  • Explore the visa-free country list with Fincasa Experts available for each residency project.

Following the requirements of each residency program, the applicant must fulfill the list that varies for all the countries. 


Visa Processing Time

Canada is the second-largest country in the western hemisphere. The country is recognized globally for the outstanding quality of life, a calm political environment and a healthy economy.

6 Months

Officially known as the Republic of Cyprus, this beautiful island country is a major tourist destination in the Mediterranean. The country boasts of high-income economy and a very high human development index. Cyprus has a subtropical climate with very mild winters and warm to hot summers.

2 – 3 months

Officially known as the French Republic, France is the largest country in Western Europe having an ethnically diverse culture. The country is popular for its culture, world-famous cuisine, wine-making, music, arts, fashion, literature and sports.

2 months

Situated in the southernmost part of Europe Greece has the longest coastline. Greece is home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world. The Olympic games originated in Greece in 700BC.

1 – 2 months

This island nation is located on the westernmost part of Europe. Ireland is famous for its lush green fields and rocky landscape. Ireland is a land of music mainly Celtic bards and sports. Ireland has very low levels of pollution and is known for nature and rural life. Interesting fact- There are no wild snakes in Ireland.

3 – 4 months

Officially known as The Republic of Malta, it is a south European island country in the Mediterranean Sea. A popular tourist destination Malta has a warm climate, several recreational places to visit and several known historical and architectural monuments.

5 – 6 months

A playground of tourists, Monaco is the second smallest independent state in the world. Home to the wealthy, the country is a major Banking Centre closely guarding the privacy of its clients

8 – 20 weeks

Officially known as the Portuguese Republic, Portugal is a sovereign state located in Western Europe. The country has a rich history of seafaring and discovery. Portugal has a high per capita income which has established its place as a High-Income country.

3 – 4 months

Spain is located in Southwestern Europe; it is a favorite travel destination. Spain is diverse both geographically and culturally. Spain has emerged as a popular destination among people looking for an alternate residence.

2 – 3 months


Located in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula, the UAE is the constitutional federation of seven emirates. The UAE has a well-established infrastructure, stable political structure & environment and liberal trade rules.

1 month

This sovereign country includes the island of Great Britain, parts of Ireland and many smaller islands. The capital city London is a global financial center and has a population of 10.3 Million. The UK has the world’s sixth-largest economy. The climate is temperate with cool temperatures and year-round rainfall.

2 – 3 months

Commonly known as USA, this vast country is situated in the central southern part of North America. The United States is the fourth largest nation, and due to its vast size, this beautiful country includes most geographic variety and climate types.

2 years