Zeker International

About us

About Zeker

Zeker international is a Leading Corporation pursuing a highly focused approach of company formation services in Bahrain, Europe and in UAE incorporating companies, acquiring companies and owning enterprises. As an inheritor to a rich corporate heritage and as qualified professionals, Zeker international has enjoyed a track record of constant entrepreneurship, innovation, performance, reliability and total customer satisfaction. Underpinning ZEKER’s success is its many activities which are horizontally, vertically, and geographically diversified.
Zeker is a company you can trust and as an independent organization, free from ties to a particular product provider or banks, we can meet those needs with carefully selected solutions from the world’s foremost financial advisory services, including exclusive assistance for banking products in Bahrain & in UAE and also we only promote/ Refer/ advice foreign local product globally.
  • Operational Efficiency & Business Restructuring.
  • Banking assistance.
  • Marketing Consulting & creating the right marketing strategies for clients.
  • Setting up new business and obtaining licenses.
  • Identifying Investors for the business.
  • Web designing & Digital marketing

We are there for any consultation globally as we promote/suggest/Advice the clients based on their requirements in terms of any financial advice like guaranteed investment products with better investment returns worldwide as we compare and give you ‘THE BEST’, we have specialized team globally who we will refer you. and for any service related we are there in bahrain / UAE / India for you as one point of contact to assist/serve you without any consultation charges as we only promote/ Refer/ advice foreign local product globally.

We promote/ Refer clients to the Top most insurance and real estate providers internationally to ensure our clients have maximum return on their international product investments. Our goal is to unearth new investments opportunities in residential, Commercial as well as government project globally. Zeker international have strong tie-up partners worldwide who assist to invest in any investment programs which provides you guarented return of investments.

“Our dedicated Indian corporate team comprises of qualified and accomplished legal consultants, insurance and banking consultants, real estate developers, and immigration consultants. We provide suitable and effective assistance that is specific to our client’s unique requirements. Zeker International is committed to the development of financial advisory services in Bahrain and the UAE region, and strictly adheres to internationally recognized best practices for ethical and transparent operations.

Our goal is to rapidly expand to more cities and our vision to cater to the truly global citizens by transcending boundaries. Our dedicated employees are key to the successful growth of our business. Their careful selection, training, and support are crucial in overcoming today’s market challenges.

Our Vision

To be the best International Financial advisory services for our customers.

Our Values

Collaboration – one company together now, company before team, and team before me, but the customer before everything”.

Ownership – what we say we do, we take extreme ownership of what we say and what we do.

Delivery – Drive flawless execution through effective planning, we deliver measurable results with focus and urgency.

Excellence – win together through service excellence, service excellence to be the company choice.

Our Employee value proposition

‘Winning Together’

We win together by delivering results that make a real impact for our customers.

We win together by developing the best talent in india.

We win together as ‘One Team’

What Our Clients Say

Zeker international are not behind money for every deal that they close. What I like the most about them is their advisory approach and ability to provide various options to choose from before we decide on a trade license. Highly recommended.


Financial Analyst