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TAX Liabilities in Qatar

How will Aaiqa Group help?

We help clients through our tie-up partners in tax and audit services in Qatar and also in designing tax structures that give the best business outcomes for the shareholder. Foreign ownership attracts tax in Qatar, and our tax specialists will help manage your tax liabilities & tax audits services in Qatar in the most efficient way.

Tax Card Issuance and Renewals in Qatar

As per the Income Tax Law in Qatar, companies doing business in Qatar shall submit to the Public Revenues and Taxes Department (PRTD) in the Ministry of Finance an application for a tax card within 30 days from the commencement of their activities or receipt of commercial registration in Qatar.

Tax Returns in Qatar

Companies subject to tax are to submit an income tax return in Qatar and pay the tax due to PRTD within four months from the end of the accounting period. Companies that are exempt from tax are still required to file income tax declarations in Qatar along with audited financial statements in Qatar. The late filing of the tax return will attract penalties. At Zeker International, our tie-up partners will help you to manage adverse outcomes of such non-compliance by working closely with you and ensuring you stay in full compliance with the tax laws.

Statutory Audit in Qatar

Zeker International refer through tie-up partners as they provide statutory financial audit services for local and foreign-owned entities whose financial statements are prepared by IFRS and Qatar Commercial Law for statutory filing or submission to local authorities.

Why should you choose Zeker International for tax and audit services in Qatar?

Our tie-up partner design a proper tax structure is extremely important for businesses. After all, a proper tax structure could provide the shareholder with better outcomes.

Experienced Tax professionals offer impeccable tax and audit services in Qatar to multiple business entities spread across different industries.

Our tie-up partner have expert tax audit services which can help foreign companies save on their taxes in Qatar. Foreign ownership of businesses in Qatar attracts a considerable amount of taxation, and they can play a key role in designing better tax structures that could help you easily navigate tax hurdles in Qatar.

Be it about tax card renewals or tax car issuance, our tie-up partner can provide you with the best assistance when you need it the most.

Our tie-up partners is one of the most trusted names in Tax Audit services in Qatar. We are among the most promising auditing firms in Qatar offering comprehensive tax and auditing services to various businesses, to help them achieve their financial and business targets for profitability and growth.

Our tie-up partners maintains the highest standards of professionalism when dealing with client accounts. This helps us offer optimum levels of customer satisfaction with sincerity and integrity. We offer efficient services to ensure that our clients save their hard-earned funds from taxation.

Transparency is the most important factor when auditing the different accounts of businesses. We practice the utmost transparency and integrity while dealing with the business accounts of our clients. Our transparent and effective communication channels ensure that the client is kept updated on each step of the tax and audit process.

Our team of learned, experienced and smart tax professionals can provide you with top-class tax audit services for your business, regardless of the industry. We believe in nurturing long term business affiliations and partnerships with our clients. Working with professionals from the Zeker International will not just help you enhance your existing portfolio but will improve your business revenues as well.

Our tie-up partners offers comprehensive and statutory tax and audit services in Qatar for foreign companies as well as local entities who want their financial statements to be prepared in accordance with the IFRS and the Qatar Commercial Law for statutory filings or submission to the local government agencies.

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