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Additional Services For Companies


According to the Hungarian law, performing a certain range of activities is subject to licensing by National Authorities. These activities can only be performed if your company gets the necessary license for performing the activities. The activity can be indicated at the incorporation as your company’s activity before you get the license for it, but you can’t carry out the activity, until you get your license for it. Please let us give you a brief introduction about the most commonly chosen licensed activities.
The agent for service of process can be a Hungarian natural/legal person with a Hungarian permanent address/registered office. The agent for service of process will collect all the documents related to your company. If you trust us with this, you do not have to take care about collecting your documents here, we will collect and forward you every documents related to your company.
Your only thing is to sign the Appointment of Delivery Agent document prepared by us, and pay the EUR 600 + VAT yearly fee, we will take the necessary further steps.


For the successfully completion of the company formation your prospective company must has a Hungarian residential address, which will be indicated in the registry by the Court of Registration.
You do not have to set up a physical address in Hungary, you only have to appoint an address for your company, it can be anywhere in Hungary. The mails for your company will be delivered to this address, and the local business tax rate will depend on the address which you have chosen.
If you choose our service the local business tax will be 2% (it is 2% anywhere in Budapest).


If you do not want to bother with your company’s paperwork and with organizing the delivery of these, then our secretarial service is the best solution for you. If you entrust us with your confidence, we undertake your documents (any kind of it: letter, e-mail, fax, etc.) typing and editing.
The secretarial services includes the courier services also, by professional couriers, like DHL, we can deliver the documents for you or for your client to anywhere in the world in a few days.
The secretarial services includes communication services too, we will take care about answering the phone and the communications with contractors.
The secretarial services have to be paid yearly.


The apostille is a type of authentication review, which is provided by the Hungarian National Notary Chamber.
It is needed for every document which has to be accepted as an authentic international document in a foreign country. Before they can put an apostille on a document, the document has to be authenticated by a notary.
It is not a really simple act to take care of obtaining an apostille for a document in Hungary, but if you entrust us with your confidence, we will take the necessary steps.