Zeker International

How do we determine your non-guaranteed benefits?

Max Wealth Insurance Plan

Max Goal Insurance Plan

FortuneXtra Savings Plan

LoveAssure Critical Illness Plan and LoveAssure Plus Critical Illness Plan

Wealth Ultra Savings Plan

IncomePartner Deferred Annuity Plan and IncomeEnrich Deferred Annuity Plan

Wealth Advance Savings Series II – Classic and Wealth Advance Savings Series II - Ultimate.

Flexi Power Saver

Wealth Genius Income Plan

Fortune Goal Saver, Prime Harvest Income Plan and Ever Harvest Income Plan

Fortune series and Wealth Advance Savings Plan

Smart series and other selected participating plans

Grand Heritage II Insurance Plan

National Life Series, AXA (HK) Life Series, Smart Ease, Smart Kid & Smart Lady

Grand Heritage and Life Delight Insurance Plan

HealthElite, HealthVital and HealthSelect series

CritiPartner Critical Illness Plan and CritiPartner Plus Critical Illlness Plan

HealthPro Major Illness Insurance

Dimensions Savings Investment Series